Defensive Driving and traffic school courses help you to lower auto insurance rates, remove points from driver record, dismiss traffic ticket and to become a responsible driver. This course is 100% online and approved throughout your State. Complete the driving safety course and get rid of traffic tickets or lower your vehicle insurance premiums and keep your driver record clean.

2023 AARP 55 Alive Driver Safety Online Course

You can do this by taking the AARP 55 Alive Driver safety Refresher Program, a motor vehicle accident prevention course for persons age 50 and over.

Students learn defensive driving techniques, how to compensate for normal age-related changes in vision, hearing, and reaction time, how to deal with aggressive drivers and much more. AARP 55 Alive online senior citizens driver safety course is designed to help senior drivers recognize their physical limitations and learn how to best compensate for them.

This 55 Alive Driving 4-hour Course presented by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is intended for people who have completed the 8-hour session and would like to renew their certification. The senior driver safety course must be repeated at three-year intervals to maintain eligibility for the discount.

Mature Drivers completing the course are eligible for reductions in auto insurance premiums. Policyholders should contact their insurance agency for more information on insurance discounts.

This 55 alive online course is not only to refresh older motorists on some of the basics of driving, but also to update you on some of the changes in driving since they first obtained your licenses. Independent evaluations of 55 Alive graduates have demonstrated a reduction in traffic violations and accidents that result in injuries or fatalities.

55 Alive Driving Course Minnesota

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55 Alive Mature Driving 4 Hour Refresher Online Course
The 4-hour refresher course is for those individuals who have completed the 8-hour defensive driving program and need to renew their certification.

55 Alive Mature Driving 8 Hour Online Course
55 Alive Mature Driving is an innovative online class driver retraining program for persons age 55 and over that is designed to help improve their driving skills. This 8-hour course is geared to the specific needs of older motorists.

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Note: Minnesota state law requires all insurance companies to give a premium deduction to all persons who complete this accident prevention course.

AARP 55 Alive Safety Driving Course
The rules of the road have changed and the demographics of American drivers are evolving. The driving landscape has also changed dramatically since many American drivers received their driver’s licenses.

Everyone can benefit from a refresher course that helps drivers stay current with driving laws and new technology inside and outside of vehicles. Keeping pace with the changes helps drivers remain healthy, independent and confident when on the road.

Every driver can benefit from a refresher course to stay current with driving laws and new technology.

The new AARP Smart Driver™ Course delivers on AARP’s goal to promote independence and enhance the quality of life for drivers age 50 and over.

In an effort to measure the impact of its driver safety course, AARP partnered with the Eastern Virginia Medical School to conduct a two-year research study that started in 2011.

The results demonstrated the effectiveness of AARP Driver Safety’s driving refresher course. It also highlighted areas of opportunity in which evidence-based findings could be incorporated into a refreshed driver course now known as the AARP Smart Driver Course.

The new and improved AARP Smart Driver Course includes evidence-based research, volunteer insight, expert input and was developed after significant field testing, focus groups and materials assessments. Designed specifically with the participant in mind, the AARP Smart Driver Participant Guidebook incorporates adult learning principles and features reader-friendly print types, full-color pages, an easy-to follow format and supplemental course videos.

With 19 areas of customization throughout the course, volunteer instructors can also tailor the course to the needs of his or her participants by providing state-specific information that is easy to access and understand. In addition to being available in a classroom setting, the course will be available online and in
both English and Spanish.

In conjunction with the AARP Smart Driver Course, AARP Driver Safety launched the Driving Resource Center, an interactive online resource for course participants that features tools and activities, including driving simulations, state-specific rules of the road and new vehicle technologies. Benefits of taking the AARP Smart Driver Course

In more than 30 states, it is mandated that course participants receive an insurance discount and/or point reduction for completing an approved driving refresher course. The new AARP Smart Driver Course has been formally approved in most states, but participants are encouraged to check with their insurance agent for details about the type of discounts they can receive by taking the course.

Participants will also benefit from the following:
  • Learning research-based safety strategies that can reduce the likelihood of a crash
  • Understanding the links between the driver, vehicle and road environment, and how this greater awareness encourages safer driving behavior
  • Learning how aging, medications, alcohol and other health-related issues affect driving ability, and how to adjust driving accordingly to allow for these changes
  • Learning the newest safety and other advanced features in vehicles
  • Learning how to determine when it may be best not to drive (e.g., late at night, when taking certain medications, inclement weather, etc.) and how to plan for a time when driving is no longer an option.
AARP 55 Alive Safety Driving Course  launched in 1979 as the “55 Alive” program to help to keep older drivers independent, safe, healthy and confident while on the road. Today, AARP Driver Safety continues to meet the needs of older drivers through leading educational programs that include the AARP Smart Driver Course, CarFit, We Need to Talk and the Driving Resource Center.

The flagship AARP Smart Driver Course is the nation’s largest classroom and online driver safety course and is designed especially for drivers age 50 and older. Over 15 million participants have gone through AARP Driver Safety classroom and online courses, taught by more than 4,000 AARP Driver Safety volunteers. The courses are available in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories.

In addition to delivering presentations on Aging and Driving and the Effects of Medication on the Older Driver, Manitoba Public Insurance sponsors the 55 Alive Driving Course organized by the Safety Services Manitoba. This program provides refresher courses for older drivers. These courses update older drivers on traffic laws, signs, signals markings and provide practical advice on safer driving.

There is a direct correlation between driving skills and medications in the body. Many drugs prescribed for seniors can impair driving skills. Over the counter medications can have the same effect. Alcohol combined with medication can be lethal.

Driving is a very sensitive issue for most seniors. The more objective the family is about their driving skills and abilities the more successful the family will be in convincing the senior to limit their driving or stop driving altogether.
  • Yearly vision exams are crucial to driving acuity.
  • Glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy are the most common eye conditions associated with aging.
  • As people age, peripheral vision is reduced.
  • As people age, they may have trouble telling different colors apart
  • As people age, their eyes are more sensitive to bright lights
  • As people age, night driving becomes more difficult
If problems exist, encourage the older person to consider the safety of others as they make the decision to change their driving habits.
  • A complete medical exam is necessary if there are indicators that driving performance is changing.
  • Some diseases produce loss of consciousness
  • Loss of range of motion in neck, spine and limbs inhibit a person’s ability to check the rear and sides of the road
  • Weakness in the arms and legs can interfere with steering, braking and accelerating
  • Eye-hand-foot coordination changes
  • Reflexes change
  • Fatigue affects driving
Physicians are required to report and explain findings that relate to driving skills to the DMV, Office of Driver Safety. This is why it is a good idea to let the physician inform the older driver that it is time to consider other forms of transportation. It takes the burden off the family member.

The 55 Mature Driving course for Seniors includes a self-rating quiz along with suggestions for improvement. It is available through provincial seniors organizations, senior centres, community resource councils, health centres and Autopac brokers throughout the province.

How to Negotiate Driving Privileges

The following questions are designed to assist The Senior’s Choice and family members engage in non-emotional conversation to determine whether or not it is time for the senior to stop driving.
1. Sometimes when I drive at night, it’s hard to see. Does this happen to you, too?
2. Do other drivers make you nervous? I know I get jumpy when everybody goes too fast.
3. Maintaining a car these days sure is expensive. How do you do it?
4. Isn’t parking getting more difficult and expensive these days?
5. I just read about the 55 ALIVE program offered by MPI. What do you know about it?
6. What did the doctor say about your medications and driving?
7. How do you get around when your car is in the shop?
8. Have passengers refused to drive with you? What did you do then?
9. How about letting someone else drive for once?
10. What activities are you afraid of missing? Can anyone else help you get there?
11. When was your last eye exam? How did it go?
12. How much are you paying for car insurance these days?
13. What would you do if a carjacker approached your car?

The purpose of driving safety program is to increase road safety awareness by reducing traffic violations and to keep your auto insurance premiums low. Handle Speeding ticket, stop sign citation, lawyer for fighting traffic tickets & other violations.

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