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California Traffic School Test Answers 1

Question 1: Place or secure large items and loose objects in the __________ for safety and to deter theft.
Correct: trunk

Question 2: On cold days, to prevent moisture from forming on the inside of the glass, _________ before you turn on the defroster.
Correct: turn the heater on high and let the engine warm up

Question 3: As you enter the de-acceleration lane or the exit ramp, slow down and_____________.
Correct: maintain a safe cushion of space ahead and behind your vehicle

Question 4: _________ present drivers with unique and often high-risk risk challenges when driving in or near the city.
Correct: All of these answers are correct.

Question 5: When traveling at a safe speed on an expressway/freeway, select a lane that allows others to __________.
Correct: pass you on the left

Question 6. Wet roads result in___________.
Correct: poor traction

Question 7. As a general rule, when driving in the city, select a travel lane with the least amount of congestion and stay in the lane you have chosen until you need to turn, __________, or avoid a hazard.
Correct: pass another vehicle

Question 8. When changing lanes on an expressway, signal your intentions and _________.
Correct: do not anticipate other drivers will open a gap for you to enter

Question 9. Nearly __________ percent of the vehicles involved in motor vehicle crashes in 2011 were passenger cars or light trucks.
Correct: 78

Question 10. If your brakes "fail," one of the first things to do is ___________.
Correct: pump the brake pedal

Question 11. The fees for traffic violations committed in construction zones are __________.
Correct: double their normal amount

Question 12. Flashing red and yellow lights control some intersections during times when there is __________traffic flow.
Correct: low

Question 13. Deer are likely to be more active and roam outside of their territory during ________.
Correct: autumn

Question 14. The use of turn signals and your __________ are the methods of communicating to other road users that are used most often.
Correct: brakes lights

Question 15. During each mile you drive, up to__________events you need to interpret can occur.
Correct: 200

Question 16. Micro sleeps last __________ seconds.
Correct: four to five

Question 17. A driver who feels justified in dominating others and participates in crash-causing behavior is a/an ___________.
Correct: aggressive driver

Question 18. If you experience micro sleep, __________.
Correct: pull off the road at a safe place and nap

Question 19. You are impaired when your ability to operate a vehicle is ______.
Correct: limited or hampered

Question 20. If you must transport alcohol, be sure that it is in a sealed, unopened container __________.
Correct: in the trunk or other locked compartment of your vehicle

Question 21. If you notice someone driving erratically behind you, you should __________.
Correct: let him or her pass you and position your vehicle with plenty of space behind the bad driver

Question 22. Males can eliminate alcohol from their bodies faster than women due to having higher amounts of __________.
Correct: the dehydrogenase enzyme

Question 23. California law requires everyone under __________ years of age to wear a properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmet while operating a bicycle, riding as a passenger on a bicycle, operating a non-motorized scooter or skateboard, or wearing in-line or roller skates.
Correct: 18

Question 24. If you hear or see an emergency vehicle approaching within __________, you must safely pull over to the right-hand edge or curb.
Correct: 1,000 feet

Question 25. In California, any driver who does not yield theright-of-way to a blind pedestrian can be charged with ___________.
Correct: a misdemeanor

Question 26. Reversible lanes are used during _______.
Correct: rush hour

Question 27. If a police officer is directing traffic during a funeral procession you must give them __________.
Correct: the right-of-way

Question 28. If you are approaching a controlled intersection with multiple turn lanes and you would like to change lanes, you should do ALL of the following EXCEPT:
Correct: Get into the lane as fast as possible.

Question 29. On an annual basis, animal-vehicle collisions cause about ____ worth of damage.
Correct: $1 billion

Question 30. Some people, when they are caught in a situation where they have no control can become frustrated, which can lead to______.
Correct: aggression

Question 31. If you are taking a prescribed drug and are going to drive, __________.
Correct: conduct a self-inventory of all drugs consumed and their side effects

Question 32. In general, when you accept the privilege to drive in California, you are assumed to have given your __________ to submit to a __________ test if asked by a police officer.
Correct: consent; chemical

Question 33. Depending on your BAC, possible penalties for driving under the influence include:
Correct: license suspension, jail time, heavy fines, and ignition interlock on your vehicle

Question 34. If you possess an alcoholic beverage that has been opened, has a broken seal, or has had some of the contents removed in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, __________.
Correct: you will be charged with a fine up to $500

Question 35. After you start your vehicle, ensure that the ___________ are off.
Correct: warning lights

Question 36. There are usually _______ collisions in a motor vehicle crash.
Correct: three

Question 37. On a three or five lane roadway, when you have a broken yellow line on your side of the road,_________.
Correct: give the right-of-way to oncoming traffic

Question 38. When approaching a railroad crossing, you must look_____.
Correct: both ways

Question 39. In the U.S., each year approximately _______ people are injured and around 40,000 people are killed in traffic collisions.
Correct: 3 MILLION

Question 40. If an approaching driver refuses to switch his high beams to low, you should_____.
Correct: locate the white line marker and use it to guide you

Question 41. When your rearview mirror is set to its night setting, it may hamper your ability to_________.
Correct: judge the distance of traffic behind you

Question 42. One major advantage of push/pull steering from the low-hand position is________. enhanced vehicle control because the arms stay close to the body and maintain a more stable
Correct: vertical body position

Question 43. All drugs issued under a prescription_______.
Correct: have warning labels

Question 44. When driving at night and you encounter curves, what do you have to remember?
Correct: Your headlights point straight ahead, not into the curve.

Question 45. New hand positions are encouraged on the steering wheel such as __________.
Correct: 8 and 4 o'clock

Question 46. Stiffness in the neck can make it difficult for drivers to______.
Correct: look behind to check the blind spot

Question 47. How can you assess whether you are not looking far enough ahead when you drive?
Correct: You make frequent, quick stops.

Question 48. When you drive, ______.
Correct: risk is always present

Question 49. In the U.S., nearly ________ million people were injured and over 37,000 people were killed in traffic collisions in 2008.
Correct: 3

Question 50. In order to be issued a California Driver's License, __________ is an acceptable proof of identity.
Correct: birth certificate