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Florida 4hr BDI Traffic School Final Exam Answers

Florida 4-hour BDI Traffic School Final Exam Answers:

Below you can find a few Florida Online Defensive Driving / Traffic School Course Final Exam Questions and Answers.

Question: The majority of people killed in traffic crashes were:
Answer: pedestrians

Question: In the United States, overall, the cost of speeding was not a contributing factor in the cost of crashes.
Answer: False

Question: Adrenaline stimulates your senses preparing you to fight or flee from a dangerous situation.
Answer: True

Question: The Exhaustion stage of stress happens when:
Answer: The Alarm/Resistance cycle is repeated too often.

Question: Instead of having to be "right" all of the time, try ____________ instead of confrontation.
Answer: cooperation

Question: Know your limits. If a problem is beyond control and cannot be changed at the moment, don't fight the situation.
Answer: True

Question: A driver is at higher risk for having a collision when sleep deprived.
Answer: True

Question: Bringing a ______________ along with you on long road trips can help prevent fatigue from affecting your driving.
Answer: Passenger to help drive

Question: A traffic crash has no effect on you and, contrary to popular opinion, does not trigger powerful emotional reactions within you.
Answer: False

Question: During the recovery process of a driver who has been in a collision, the driver progresses through four stages, which include:
Answer: shock, attribution, alarm and distress.

Question: Developing appropriate attitudes depends on recognizing that attitudes are:
Answer: Important

Question: The only safe amount of alcohol to consume and drive is:
Answer: None

Question: Driving after drinking _______ the risk of bodily harm in the result of a collision.
Answer: Increases

Question: Alcohol does not affect an experienced driver's judgment.
Answer: False

Question: Driving under the influence of a depressant can have catastrophic affects as ______ is impaired.
Answer: Judgment

Question: A ______________ is a type of drug that induces a soothing, lulling or dulling affect.
Answer: Narcotic

Question: As the driver, you can use many evasive actions to avoid a collision, such as:
Answer: Both

Question: If you are going the same speed, the greater the vehicle _______ the greater the force of impact.
Answer: Weight

Question: In a collision, the second collision is when an unsecured driver strikes the inside of the vehicle.
Answer: True

Question: Even with modern cars that are designed to absorb the energy of impact, a head-on collision may have more energy than the car design can dissipate.
Answer: True

Question: If your shoulder restraints keep hitting you in the ear or on the neck, consult your owner's manual on how to adjust the height of the safety belts.
Answer: True

Question: In a typical rear-end collision, the victim's ________ is accelerated faster and harder than the torso.
Answer: head

Question: Check your car owner's manual to find out if you need to use a locking clip or other equipment to properly secure the seat
Answer: True

Question: Air bags are primarily designed to offer protection from crashes from the rear and side.
Answer: False

Question: It's okay for drivers to get caught up in sightseeing; it's not necessary to keep their mind focused on the road.
Answer: False

Question: In urban areas, scanning for potential hazards is about ______ of a mile in front of your vehicle.
Answer: three quarters

Question: Drivers do not need to be aware of obstructions in their path of travel.
Answer: False

Question: Drivers being tailgated are advised to ______ to encourage the tailgating driver to pass.
Answer: slow down

Question: If the tailgater persists, go to a well-lighted public place or police station and pull off the road.
Answer: True

Question: During adverse weather conditions such as rain or fog, drivers should take action accordingly by turning on their headlights, slowing down and increasing following distance.
Answer: True

Question: Braking distance is dramatically affected and _______ as a motor vehicle could be more likely to skid in wet conditions.
Answer: decreased

Question: If your power steering fails you should get the system checked by an expert and repaired if necessary.
Answer: True

Question: When you are making a right turn on red, you are required to ______ the right of way to the pedestrian.
Answer: yield

Question: No passing to the left shall be done when the driver's view is obstructed within such distance as to create a hazard in the event another vehicle might approach from the opposite direction.
Answer: True

Question: No vehicle shall pass when approaching within 100 feet of any:
Answer: both

Question: Every driver, motorcyclist, moped rider, bicyclist, and pedestrian must do everything possible to avoid a:
Answer: crash

Question: Drivers should not be influenced by friends or peer groups when driving and should make their own decisions in regard to driving habits.
Answer: True

Question: When traveling around playgrounds, parks, or schools, drivers should exercise extreme caution at reduced speed.
Answer: True

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