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Florida Traffic School course answers 1

Below you can find a few Florida Online 4-hour BDI Defensive Driving/Traffic School Course Final Exam Questions and Answers - set 1 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Question 1. Speed limits as a rule are posted in all areas and change with the situation.
Correct Answer: True

Question 2. What color is the cane of a blind person?
Correct Answer: White or white and red

Question 3. You must yield the right of way to a publicly owned transit vehicle that is traveling in the same direction and is re-entering the highway from a designated pullout bay.
Correct Answer: True

Question 4. A possibility of unseen events, a car parked in a "NO PARKING ZONE", children walking on the sidewalk, and a child running on the sidewalk are all examples of what?
Correct Answer: School zone hazards

Question 5. Of all drivers that are involved in fatal crashes, __________ are the most likely to be speeding.
Correct Answer: Young males

Question 6. How long will a DUI be attached to your permanent driving record?
Correct Answer: 75 years

Question 7. How much did alcohol related crashes cost the state of Florida in 2000?
Correct Answer: 12.6 billion

Question 8. The following are all situations that can get your driver's license revoked except:
Correct Answer: Speeding

Question 9. A driver affected by alcohol has a decreased ability to reason and make proper judgments.
Correct Answer: True

Question 10. All vehicles, including animal-drawn vehicles, must have at least one white light visible from a distance of not less than 1,000 feet to the front.
Correct Answer: True

Question 11. How many crashes are there in Florida per day on average?
Correct Answer: 691

Question 12. You can reduce sleepiness by:
Correct Answer: Sleeping

Question 13. Reckless driving could result in 4 points added to your driver license.
Correct Answer: True

Question 14. What is not a way that you can communicate with another driver?
Correct Answer: Mental telepathy

Question 15. Speeding is a direct cause of a lot of crashes.
Correct Answer: True

Question 16. Every child in a school zone is a human caution sign.
Correct Answer: True

Question 17. An orange traffic sign means:
Correct Answer: Construction and maintenance

Question 18. A White traffic sign means:
Correct Answer: Regulation

Question 19. The "I" in SIPDE stands for what?
Correct Answer: Identify

Question 20. If a leak develops in the brake system of a vehicle, you may experience:
Correct Answer: All the above.

Question 21. Which of the following are situations that can cause your driver's license to be suspended:
Correct Answer: All of the above

Question 22. A broken yellow line on the road means:
Correct Answer: You may pass on the left.

Question 23. Vehicles are designed with both plastic and elastic values to absorb energy.
Correct Answer: True

Question 24. Three out of four crashes occur how close to home?
Correct Answer: Within 25 miles

Question 25. If you get caught speeding in a construction zone the fine is...
Correct Answer: Doubled

Question 26. How many cell phones were there in 1985 in the US?
Correct Answer: 345,000

Question 27. What percent of all fatal crashes are caused by speeding?
Correct Answer: 30%

Question 28. Speed does not have any bearing on your decisions.
Correct Answer: False

Question 29. How often was there an alcohol related fatality in the US?
Correct Answer: Every 31 minutes

Question 30. Helmets are estimated to be __________ effective in preventing fatal injuries to motorcyclists.
Correct Answer: 37%

Question 31. The main purpose of a collapsible steering column is so that the driver's chest is protected from injury.
Correct Answer: True

Question 32. If the unpaved median that divides a highway is greater then 5 feet, then only the vehicles on the same side as the school bus must stop.
Correct Answer: True

Question 33. Headlights that are aimed too high are harmless.
Correct Answer: False

Question 34. What is not an option?
Correct Answer: Drive home after drinking.

Question 35. Stress is our physical and mental reaction to anything that upsets the balance of either our bodies or our minds.
Correct Answer: True

Question 36. A "Pavement Ends" sign means:
Correct Answer: The road ahead changes from pavement to a dirt road.

Question 37. What is the Smith system?
Correct Answer: A system of safe driving

Question 38. The length of time it takes to execute your actions is your reaction time.
Correct Answer: True

Question 39. If you commit vehicular manslaughter, your driver's license will be:
Correct Answer: Revoked

Question 40. Every vehicle is required to have two braking systems and each must be able to stop the car alone.
Correct Answer: True

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