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2024 What is a Florida Hardship License? How to get a Florida Hardship License

► What is a Florida Hardship License?

As you know your Florida drivers license will be suspended for too many points for a period of

12 points within 12 months = 30 days suspension
18 points within 18 months = 3 months suspension
24 points within 36 months = 1 year suspension

In general, there are two types of hardship licenses: A business purpose only license, and An employment purpose only license.

Business purpose only License

A business purpose only licensed also known as a "C" type restricted license, is a driving privilege that is limited to any driving necessary to maintain a livelihood

including driving to and from work, necessary on the job driving, driving for educational purposes and driving for church or medical purposes.

Here, "to maintain a livelihood" means anything that keeps you alive, like driving your car to the grocery store, you may run into trouble if you use this hardship license to drive to a restaurant, for instance. Arguably driving to a restaurant could be considered similar to going to the grocery store. However, there is no guarantee that argument will keep you from being arrested. If a police officer thinks that you were violating your driver's license restrictions, he can still arrest you.

Employment purposes only License

The second type of restricted license is called the "employment purposes only" license or a type "D" restriction. Also known as Work Purposes Only.

It is a driving privilege that is limited to driving to and from work and any necessary on the job driving required by an employer or your occupation. It's more limited than a business purpose only licensed because it doesn't allow for personal things like going to the grocery store or church. The differences between the various hardship licenses and drivers restrictions are confusing and getting them wrong comes with a serious criminal consequences.

HTO Revocations - Florida Suspended License

If you have received a letter from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles advising your driver's license is revoked for five years.
  • Your first reaction might be panic five years without a license - you've got to be kidding!
  • Your second reaction might be confusion - how the heck did this happen!
Well here's the deal!

In Florida, if you have received three suspended license convictions within a five-year period, the DHSMV revoke your Florida driver's license for five years this is sometimes referred to as a three strikes law.

The problem is many people don't even know they struck out until they receive the letter from the DMV. In many cases the person pays a suspended license infraction ticket at the clerk's office without knowing it will cause a revocation.

That's right! just by the simple act of paying a ticket your license can be revoked for 5 years. In traffic criminal cases, what often happens, if the person enters a plea of no contest to the criminal charges driving with a suspended license without being advised that the three strikes law.
In other words, you made a deal to resolve your case but no one told you the deal involves giving up your driving privileges for five years. If you ever see the five-year license revocation or if you have received a suspended license ticket and may be on the way to losing your license.

Being designated as the Habitual Traffic Offender:

Under Florida law if you receive three major violations in a five year period, you'll be labeled as a habitual traffic offender what that means is the Department of Motor Vehicles mandates that you not drive for one four-year before you might be eligible to apply for a hardship license.

Florida DHSMV will revoke your driving privileges for a period of five years

You will also be designated as a habitual traffic offender whatever that major violations major violations or driving under the influence - reckless driving fleeing a police officer, leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a suspended license knowing their licenses under suspension.

How to Apply For A Hardship License In Florida.

There are a number of reasons in Florida why license may be suspended. First and foremost, it could just be a traffic violation or you could have been convicted of a

DUI or a drug charge. In any of those circumstances, if your license was suspended you always have the right to request a hardship for work permit license.

Reasons for Driver's license suspended in Florida:
  • Fail to attend court for traffic summon or fail to pay the fine.
  • Non DUI related traffic violation
  • Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO)
  • Excess points on your driving record
  • Traffic offense resulting personal injury or death
  • Ordered by a court to take an ADI Course to reinstate suspended license Florida.
Procedures to Get Florida Hardship License:
  • Enroll for 12 Hour Traffic School ADI course online.
  • Get your course Enrollment letter.
  • Submit the course Enrollment letter in your local DHSMV and know whether you are eligible to get Hardship License.
  • Follow the Procedures and apply for your Hardship License.
  • Get your Hardship License in Florida and instant permission to drive back on roads.
Hardship License is a temporary license given to a driver in the time of your driver's license suspension. You can drive with your Hardship License Florida only for your livelihood requirements. In the mean-time, you need to complete your Florida 12 Hour Traffic School ADI course online and reinstate your suspended license.

Get you a full license back! It's easy and convenient to enroll and complete the course online. Register 12 hour ADI Course Now!

► How to get a Florida Hardship License?

Florida state law requires that anyone requesting a hearing for possible early reinstatement of a suspended and/or revoked driving privilege prior to the expiration of such suspension and/or revocation period must enroll in, or complete, the appropriate 12 hour Advanced Driver improvement course or Alcohol/substance Abuse education program. The Florida DMV allows for hardship consideration for work, business, educational, church, or medical purposes.

NEW RULES FOR DUI Florida Hardship Licenses:

Effective July 1, 2013, the DHSMV, which stands for the Division of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, made it a little bit easier to get a hardship license after receiving a DUI charge. The passage of Florida Statute 322.271(7), may allow for a DUI recipient to obtain a hardship license without having to do any hard time of no driving at all.

There are certain qualifications that have to be met, and the person charged must follow a specific process to obtain this hardship license.

The Florida DMV issues hardship licenses to those who have had their licenses suspended i.e., those who have been accused of violating the law such as receiving traffic tickets and other moving violations throughout the Florida state. However, you must be a Florida resident to obtain a Florida Hardship License.

Florida Hardship License Eligibility Requirements:

All drivers arrested in Florida for first offense DUI who are seeking to challenge the suspension will still be given the opportunity to request a formal review hearing. Drivers who do not wish to challenge the suspension but desire a hardship driver license will have the opportunity to request a review to determine eligibility for an immediate hardship license that will allow driving for the entire suspension period. There are several requirements:
  • Appear at the Bureau in the county of arrest within 10 calendar days from the date on the DUI ticket
  • File a Request for Eligibility Review at the Bureau of Administrative Review in person
  • Pay a filing fee of $25.00
  • Have no prior alcohol related offenses
  • Enroll in Florida 12 hour ADI school or DUI school providing proof of enrollment and DUI course payment
Lets assume all requirements for eligibility are satisfied, but the driver will be issued a hardship license on the spot that will last for 6 to 12 months depending on the length of the underlying suspension.

You may also eligible for a hardship license if you you meet the following requirements:
  • Have never been criminally convicted of more than two DUI offenses.
  • Have completed (or be enrolled in) the DUI Counter Attack School, and
  • Have served out the "Hard Suspension" period of your administrative suspension. The period is as follows:
    • Thirty (30) days for a BAC over .08, or
    • Ninety (90) days for a refusal to submit to a Blood or Breath Alcohol Content test.
If you meet the above criteria, you can request a Hardship Review Hearing after the hard suspension has expired. If you get the approval to drive for hardship (either business purpose only license or an employment purpose only license) purposes from the court, you must then submit the approval form to your local DHSMV and obtain a restricted driver's license.

Finally, you must complete the Florida 12 hour ADI school or DUI school within 90 days of receiving the hardship license. If you fail to complete the DUI school or any required substance abuse treatment, your hardship license will result in cancellation until the DUI school or substance abuse treatment is completed.
If your license has been suspended, you may be eligible for a provisionary license known as a “Conditional License” or a “Hardship License”. This is a license that allows the person to drive under very limited conditions, usually for the purpose of commuting to work or performing basic household duties.

In order to obtain a conditional license, you would need to file a petition with the Florida court requesting for such a license. This may include other requirements such as completing additional Florida 12 hour Advanced Driver improvement course or mandatory DUI treatment programs.


Driving while your license is suspended is a serious crime in the state of Florida that may even lead to jail time and felony charges.

Yes, in Florida it is a criminal offense to drive with a suspended or revoked license. Depending on the reasons for Your driver's license suspension and whether repeat violations are involved, the charge may either be a misdemeanor or a felony.

A person’s driver’s license may be suspended for many reasons, including driving while intoxicated, refusing to take a breathalyzer test, driving without insurance, ignoring traffic ticket payments, and supplying fraudulent information on a driver’s license application.

Learn How to get a Florida Hardship License. If you have your license suspended or ordered by your court. Once you have your hardship license Florida, all you need do is - complete 12 Hour ADI course Florida to reinstate your driver's license. Take the Florida 12 hour ADI school course.

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