Defensive Driving and traffic school courses help you to lower auto insurance rates, remove points from driver record, dismiss traffic ticket and to become a responsible driver. This course is 100% online and approved throughout your State. Complete the driving safety course and get rid of traffic tickets or lower your vehicle insurance premiums and keep your driver record clean.

2024 - Kentucky 4-hr State Traffic School Online ; DMV Point System

Enroll Traffic School in lieu of a violation.

If you have a KY driver's license and wish to enroll State Traffic School online (STS). please call 859-292-6305 before you pay your citation. Registering STS online course, if you are eligible, will reduce your fine and prevent points from appearing on your Kentucky Driving Record as a result of a conviction of a moving violation. Traffic violation will be dismissed upon completion of traffic school.

Kentucky 4-hr State Traffic School to dismiss a ticket or reduce points
KY Traffic School Eligibility

To register for Kentucky 4 hour State traffic school, be sure you are eligible to take the course. In your citation slip, if there is an asterck (*) beside your violation on the traffic ticket which indicates that you are eligible to take the Kentucky traffic school course online.

Kentucky driver improvement clinic is used as a tool to educate the driving public and promote safe driving behavior. A licensee may attend this program one of two ways:

1. Be referred by the court system as a result of any moving traffic violation other than one that requires a mandatory suspension, or
2. as a stipulation of being placed on probation

Eligible offenses:

Moving violations, up to 25 mph over

You can also attend traffic school KY, if you've a valid driver’s license and have not been to traffic school within the last 12 months.

Accumulation of twelve (12) or more points on your driving record leads to license suspension and Kentucky Transportation Cabinet conducts a hearing concerning your driving privileges.

A license may be suspended be suspended for failure to attend or complete Kentucky State traffic school. Once you are referred to attend a Kentucky driver improvement clinic by the District Court, it becomes a court order. Failure to compete Kentucky traffic school online course may result in license suspension until the course is completed. KRS 186.574(3). If KY traffic school is ordered as part of your driver’s license probation period, failure to successfully complete traffic school will result in license suspension. 601 KAR 13:025 § 8 (3)(b). Certain tickets can be dismissed only through Kentucky's State Traffic School (STS).

Speeding Ticket Violation of Kentucky Probation
  • If the conviction is for a speeding or moving offense, the driver’s auto insurer takes action.
  • If state traffic school is ordered by the Transportation Cabinet as part of a driver’s license probation period, failure to successfully complete traffic school will result in license suspension. 601 KAR 13:025 § 8 (3)(b).
  • The driver’s license will be suspended unless the driver and his or her attorney successfully convince the hearing officer to grant probation instead. Thus, the driver should contact an attorney to help retain his or her driving privilege.
  • At this hearing, judge will determine whether the individual’s license will be suspended for six months or the individual will be able to retain his or her license during a one year probation period.
  • The length of any probationary period will depend on your Kentucky driving history and the severity of your Speeding Ticket violation.

How long does Online Kentucky traffic school course take?

Within 4 to 8 hours you can complete the course which covers different aspect of driving safety and road rules.

Kentucky State Approved 4 hour traffic school course Features:
  • Fulfills state requirement to dismiss Traffic Citation
  • Eliminates points on your driving history/record
  • Helps you to learn KY state traffic laws
  • Teaches Safe Defensive Driving  techniques on road
  • Driving attitude and behavior under the influence
  • Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Highway safety facts
  • Reduces expensive auto insurance premium hikes
Final exam

The course material is designed in user friendly way, keeping KY drivers in mind, by traffic school experts. Course material contains fun and interactive animated videos. Each chapter is easy to understand ans simple to give the test. You must score 80 to pass and you can retake the exam 3 times. Guaranteed to pass!

Find out Final exam Kentucky state traffic school test questions and answers

Kentucky state drivers who have been ticketed for moving violations citations such as speeding, disregarding traffic control devices or careless driving, can enroll in the KY traffic school online program. Kentucky traffic school helps drivers not only keeps them from losing points, but also removes the infraction from their record as well.

To complete the course, drivers must take a test and get at least 80 of 100 answers correct to pass the course.

Once you pass the course final exam/test, your completion certificate will be processed to court to have your traffic ticket dismissed. Complete the traffic school, there are no points on your license, you do not have the conviction on your license.

Kentucky 4-hour DMV Traffic School Registration

Have received a Kentucky traffic ticket for a minor violation, you are eligible to take Kentucky DMV traffic school online course to dismiss your ticket once in every 12 months i.e., you can take the course if you have not been to traffic school within the last 12 months.

Drivers receive information on KY traffic laws. Information is provided to assist drivers in improving both personal driving habits and defensive driving techniques.

Kentucky State Traffic School - Approved Online KY
The state of Kentucky offers drivers an approved Kentucky state traffic school (defensive driving course) that they can use to dismiss a ticket and improve personal

Sign Up for Kentucky department of transportation traffic school - Defensive Driving
Want to dismiss a ticket or reduce points on your Kentucky driving record? The ONLY approved online traffic school in the state.

Kentucky Traffic Safety Courses
Offering Kentucky drivers state and court approved courses for traffic school, defensive driving, drivers ed, and more.

Kentucky Online Traffic School and Defensive Driving Course.
Kentucky traffic school requirements. Sign up for traffic school or defensive driving online to dismiss a ticket or remove points.

Course Details: Kentucky department of transportation traffic school Online
Kentucky Online Traffic School Course . This online course will help you complete your court requirements to dismiss a traffic violation from your driving record.

Traffic/Driving Schools in Kentucky
TRAFFIC SCHOOLS. Kentucky has a State Traffic School (STS) program provided by the Transportation Cabinet for drivers convicted of minor traffic violations.

Defensive Driving Kentucky
Defensive Driving Course 8/6 (DDC 8/6) A 6 or 8 hour course for experienced drivers Company Employee Groups and traffic violators.

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Defensive driving for ticket dismissal and insurance discounts - available online and On Demand.

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The State Kentucky Defensive Driver Discount. If your policy is rated for the state of Kentucky, you could save up to 10% on applicable coverages by taking Defensive Driving course.

4 Hour Driving Class Kentucky
Sign up for traffic school or defensive driving online to dismiss a ticket.

KY Defensive Driving Online Class
Do you need to take an Kentucky online defensive driving class because you got a traffic ticket or were court ordered? Take your course online and save time.

Sign up for traffic school Kentucky now! online driving class - Kentucky 4 hour state traffic school
Kentucky 4 Hour DMV Traffic School & DMV Point System

Hey are your looking to dismiss a ticket or reduce points on your Kentucky driving record? Sign up for the online version of the Kentucky State Traffic School course. This Course provides the point reduction and license reinstatement benefits.

It is the goal of the Kentucky State Traffic School (STS) to provide an educational program which renews and improves a driver’s outlook regarding traffic safety and to instill a positive attitude toward highway and traffic safety.

KY Traffic School/Defensive Driving Program

In the event you have received a citation for a minor traffic offense, State Traffic School may be an option to consider. A driver can only be referred to Kentucky State Traffic School(CLICK HERE to register for the course) once every twelve months.

How long does it take to finish online traffic school in Kentucky?

Within 4 to 8 hours, you can complete the course which covers different aspect of driving safety and road rules.

Kentucky State DMV Point System

Points assessed under the Kentucky Point System expire two (2) years from the date of conviction. However, the conviction entry remains part of the driver's record for a period of five (5) years from the conviction date.

I. Under the point system, an offender's license is suspended for 6 months if they accumulate 12 points within a 2 year period. The suspension is 1 year of a second accumulation of 12 points and 2 years for a third or subsequent accumulation of 12 points within a two year period.

II. The following points are assigned for speeding and speed related offenses:

• Speeding ≤15 MPH over the speed limit-3 points;
• Speeding ≥16 MPH but <26 MPH over the speed limit-6 points;
• Reckless driving-4 points;
• Driving too fast or too slow for conditions-3 points;
• Careless driving-3 points.

III. Statutory law prohibits the assessment of points for speeding 10 MPH or less over the limit on limited access highways or limited access highways of 4 or more lanes on which the speed limit is 65 MPH or more. '186.572 In an opinion, the State Attorney General has noted that is no statutory difference between reckless and careless driving but that the point assessment system, nevertheless, distinguishes between these offenses and assigns different point values to them. To clarify which point value that should be used, the State attorney general has determined that the lower point value should be used in the interest of being lenient to the offender.

Violation Type Point

Traffic Violation Points
​​​​10 mph or less over​ speed limit on limited access highway​ ​0
​11-15 mph over speed limit on limited access highway ​3
​15 mph or less over speed limit on any non-limited access highway ​3
​15 mph over ​speed limit in CMV (commercial motor vehicle) ​3
​15 mph or more in CMV (​out-of-state conviction-listed as serious offense only-no points) ​0
​16-25 mph over speed limit on any road or highway ​6
​26 mph over speed limit on any road or highway ​Hearing-Possible Suspension​
​Attempting to elude police officer ​Hearing-Possible Suspension
​Racing ​Hearing-Possible Suspension
​Commission of Moving Hazardous Violation Involving an Accident ​6
​Combination of any Two or More Moving Hazardous Violations in Any One Continuous Occurrence 6​
​Failure to Stop for School or Church Bus ​6
​Improper Passing ​5
​Reckless Driving ​4
​Following Too Closely ​4
​Driving on Wrong Side of Roadway ​4
​Changing Drivers in a Moving Vehicle ​4
​Vehicle Not Under Control ​4
​Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle ​4
​Stop Violation (electric signal, railroad crossing, stop sign) ​3
​Failure to Yield ​3
​Wrong Way on One-Way Street ​3
​Too Fast for Conditions ​3
​Too Slow for Conditions 3​
​Improper Driving ​3
​Improper Start ​3
​Improper Turn ​3
​Failure to Illuminate Headlights ​3
​Careless Driving ​3
​Failure to Dim Headlights ​3
​Improper Lane Usage ​3
​Improper Use Left Lane/Limited Access Highway 3​
​Failure to comply with Instructional Permit Requirements/Regulations ​3
​Failure to yield right-of-way to Funeral Procession ​3
​Any Other Moving Hazardous Violations ​3
​Texting while driving 3​

The purpose of driving safety program is to increase road safety awareness by reducing traffic violations and to keep your auto insurance premiums low. Handle Speeding ticket, stop sign citation, lawyer for fighting traffic tickets & other violations.

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