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Kentucky Traffic School Test Answers 1

Explore Kentucky online traffic school test answers. Find Kentucky state traffic school test answers to your most frequently asked questions. Almost every question that appeared in Kentucky traffic school final exam and quizzes were answers. Read the chapter in Kentucky online traffic school course, pass the quizzes at the end of each chapter and final exam at the end of the course.

Kentucky Traffic School Test  Questions and Answers

Question: Everyday, routine driving demands many things, one of which is to:
Answer:    Stay on task
Question: A way to control your driving situation is to prioritize ______.
Answer:    Threats
Question: If your vehicle starts to sink in water before you can escape, you should ________.
Answer:    Take a deep breath, unbuckle your safety belt, and try to roll down the side window
Question: If a school bus is stopped with flashing red lights this means that _________ and you must stop.
Answer:    Children are loading or unloading
Question: What is NOT a possible financial consequence of DUI?
Answer:    Revocation of your driver's license
Question: Speeding 26 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit may result in suspension of driving privileges for ___ days.
Answer:    90
Question: The fifth most common infraction that leads to collisions is _______.
Answer:    Following too closely
Question: Distracted driving involves activities such as:
Answer:    All of these answers are correct
Question: Two keys to driving and surviving are:
Answer:    Controlling our emotions and developing defensive driving strategies
Question: Kentucky's "Aggravating Circumstances" with DUI laws double your ____________.
Answer:    Minimum jail sentences
Question: Automobile collisions cost taxpayers an average of _______ every year.
Answer:    230.6 billion dollars
Question: Never place a child safety seat in the ______ of any vehicle.
Answer:    Front seat
Question: Points assessed against your license expire ___ years from the date of conviction.
Answer:    2
Question: Our attitude while driving is everything because it affects:
Answer:    How we think, feel, behave and react
Question: The law requires at least _______of an inch of tread depth on all four tires.
Answer:    1/16
Question: Driving is a privilege, not __________.
Answer:    A right
Question: When a Kentucky driver takes a road skills test, the vehicle used must be:
Answer:    Properly registered and covered by liability insurance
Question: It is the law in Kentucky that all owners and operators of motor vehicles have __________ amount of liability insurance.
Answer:    The minimum
Question: As we get older, our eyesight begins to ______.
Answer:    Diminish
Question: Driving in heavily congested traffic requires skill, patience and a __________ attitude.
Answer:    Safe driving
Question: Black and white signs regulate functions such as ________________.
Answer:    All of these answers are correct
Question: If your car is about to be hit from the rear, you should _______.
Answer:    All of these answers are correct
Question: Adjusting the radio or CD and getting familiar with controls in your vehicle before driving will help to minimize the risk of being _______.
Answer:    Distracted while driving
Question: You may make a right turn at a red light WHEN:
Answer:    You are in a lane that allows for a legal right turn on red
Question: What is the leading cause of traffic fatalities?
Answer:    Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
Question: One person every 31 minutes dies in an ________ collision.
Answer:    Alcohol-related collision
Question: The annual economic cost of motor vehicle crashes in Kentucky exceeds ___ billion dollars.
Answer:    2
Question: Proper __________ can save you tire wear, which in the long run saves money.
Answer:    Tire pressure
Question: BAC is primarily dependent on:
Answer:    A person's size and the amount of alcohol ingested
Question: The most common signs of fatigue are:
Answer:    Scratchy or blurry eyes, yawning and a sense of restlessness
Question: If it is cloudy or raining, you should use your _______ to make you more visible to other drivers.
Answer:    Low-beam headlights
Question: In the video "Distracted Driving," Mark and Julie could have prevented their crash if:
Answer:    Eliminated their distractions
Question: If your stress is great enough, _______.
Answer:    It can cause blood pressure to go up, increase adrenaline and cause breathing difficulties
Question: Alcohol is a factor in Kentucky traffic fatalities, with over ____ people losing their lives in 2008.
Answer:    200
Question: Which of the following should you never do if your accelerator pedal is stuck?
Answer:    Reach down and pull the gas pedal up
Question: Drivers who rush around in traffic ______________.
Answer:    All of these answers are correct
Question: When should you avoid crossing a solid white line?
Answer:    All of these answers are correct
Question: Even a driver not legally drunk is ______ as likely to have a fatal collision as a completely sober person.
Answer:    Twice as likely
Question: What are some of the unique hazards of rural driving?
Answer:    All of these answers are correct
Question: A ___________ puts a driver in better control of any situation.
Answer:    Defensive driving strategy
Question: Snow tires will slide more than regular tires on ice or ________.
Answer:    Packed snow
Question: Drivers who can react to multiple situations at a time are said to have _______________.
Answer:    Complex reaction abilities
Question: When approaching an intersection with a flashing yellow light, a motorist should:
Answer:    Cover his brake and be prepared to stop
Question: Air brakes in some trucks have a ______ second lag time before they engage.
Answer:    1
Question: What is the most dangerous collision a driver could ever encounter?
Answer:    Head-on collision
Question: A driver under the age of 18 has a ____-day instruction period before being able to drive alone.
Answer:    180
Question: The best way to minimize the effects of aging on your driving ability is to:
Answer:    Take good care of your health
Question: Drowsiness and fatigue can be caused by carbon monoxide produced by a faulty ________.
Answer:    Muffler
Question: Which of the following is an example of a six-point traffic violation?
Answer:    Unlawful speed resulting in a traffic collision
Question: If you are traveling on a highway and see an orange sign you may be entering:
Answer:    A construction zone

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