Defensive Driving and traffic school courses help you to lower auto insurance rates, remove points from driver record, dismiss traffic ticket and to become a responsible driver. This course is 100% online and approved throughout your State. Complete the driving safety course and get rid of traffic tickets or lower your vehicle insurance premiums and keep your driver record clean.

Santa Clara County Traffic School, California - It's Fast, Easy & Fun

Got ticketed in Santa Clara County, widely known as "Silicon Valley"? Because of the heavy traffic or you were in a hurry to reach your destination., sometimes this leads to traffic violations and traffic tickets as side effect. You have have received a traffic ticket in California and have been referred by the court to take a 8 hour Santa Clara County traffic school course.

Wipe your driving record clean.

Dismissing your unwanted traffic citation/speed ticket has never been so easy for those who received a traffic ticket in Santa Clara County and wish to clear you record from the comfort of your home PC (Desktop or laptop).

If this is your first traffic ticket. if you were speeding 78 on 65 or failure to yield right of way when turning left on a regular green.

Get your courtesy notice, go in front of the judge, plead no contest/guilty and opt for traffic school to hide the point from your insurance company. Receive a discount on your auto insurance premium after successful completion of the course. You get both fine reduction AND to do traffic school if you are eligible.

  • First, you need to pay the "Amount Due for Traffic School" on your courtesy notice to the Court either in person, by mail, by phone or online.

  • Once you are done, Santa Clara County Superior Court will just sent you a mail i.e., an "Agreement to Attend Driver Improvement School" document, which reads how to sign up for California 8 hour Online traffic school and due date etc, if you are qualified to enroll the Santa Clara county traffic school online course.

  • You have 90 days to take course.
Keep those points off your record all from the comfort of your home with Online Santa Clara County DMV-licensed traffic violator school

If you don't enroll Online traffic school on your first ticket and let the ticket stay on the insurance record. Suppose after 6 months later, you were ticketed for 2nd citation. Likewise, a year later 3rd ticket and now you are not allowed to do traffic school as to take the course once every 18 months.

You know what happens "BANG" - you lose your "safe and good driver" status and your insurance rates shoot up.

If you enroll Online traffic school on your first ticket, you would be eligible to take the course on your 3rd citation.

This is how you maintain a "safe and good driver" status.

Santa Clara County Traffic School for purposes of masking the conviction at DMV.

Santa Clara county traffic school, California DMV & Court Approved to meet the requirements for the traffic violator school program to clear a traffic ticket at the court level.
  • San Jose Courthouse
  • Sunnyvale Courthouse
  • Palo Alto Courthouse - 43460
  • Santa Clara Courthouse - 43471
  • South County Morgan Hill Courthouse
Who are not eligible for purposes of masking the conviction:

"Pursuant to CA Vehicle Code section 1808.7, the following situations are not eligible for masking a traffic safety violation on a California driver record:
  • Misdemeanor
  • Alcohol related violation
  • Equipment or non-moving violation
  • Violation that has a mandatory Court appearance
  • The driver holds a commercial driver license from out of state.
  • The driver has a successfully Traffic violator School completion within the last 18 months of the conviction.
  • The conviction is a major violation i.e., more than one point (2 points violation) like DUI or Reckless Driving.
  • If the drivers hold a commercial driver's license and were driving a commercial vehicle at the time of the violation.
  • The driver holds a commercial license and the violation occurred in a commercial motor vehicle (Vehicle Code section 15210).
  • The violator has not paid a deposit of fees or bail, and has not pleaded guilty, no contest, or been convicted by the court of jurisdiction.
  • A class A, class B licensee operating a non-commercial vehicle or commercial class C driver license to obtain a confidential conviction (0 points) on a driving record  (CA Vehicle Code Section 42005).

You must score  70% on the final exam to pass the Traffic School Santa Clara County online course. Yes, the course is very easy to finish within in no time! Fast, With simple 25 Question Test at the final exam.

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the California DMV approved Traffic School course, your certificate of completion is transmitted electronically instantly in a timely fashion to the court on your behalf and receive credit.

*Note: The Court will accept your completion certificate as long as you finish this traffic school program on or before your court due date.

Don't worry too much. Do the traffic school and move on with your life.

Erase ticket from your DMV driving record and keep your insurance rates low. Good Luck!

Here is the California Santa Clara County Superior Court website URL

Los Angeles County Traffic School - if you got a traffic ticket in Los Angeles, California

Marin County traffic school Course - if you got a traffic ticket in Marin, California

The purpose of driving safety program is to increase road safety awareness by reducing traffic violations and to keep your auto insurance premiums low. Handle Speeding ticket, stop sign citation, lawyer for fighting traffic tickets & other violations.

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