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2023 - Traffic School Final Exam Answers California, Traffic School Test Answers 5

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California online traffic school test answers - just 70% correct and you pass! Read the Easy Course Lessons: Answer Simple Quiz Questions:

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Here is the California traffic school test answers reference guide that should help you answer the quizzes and final test with ease. Posted All of the Traffic school California answers are in the course. There is a requirement of at least 70% correct answers on your final exam w.r.t. California traffic school in lieu of ticket.

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California Traffic School Online Questions

Question 1. Properly worn seatbelts can increase the chance of survival when involved in a traffic accident by ____.
Correct Answer: 30%-45%

Question 2.   ____ energy or momentum of a vehicle can be offset by allowing an increase in stopping distance.
Correct Answer: kinetic

Question 3. ____ driver is least likely to be involved in a traffic accident?
Correct Answer: The conscientious

Question 4.  It is best to use your horn ____.
Correct Answer: when someone is backing out of a driveway and may not see you

Question 5. A person shall be punished by imprisonment for no less than 90 days if convicted for a second DUI within ____.
Correct Answer: 10 years

Question 6. In the Defensive Driving Section we discuss ____ types of Road Conditions.
Correct Answer: 4

Question 7. In 2002, as many as 207,000 crashes, 178,000 injuries and 921 fatalities in the U.S. were attributed to ____.
Correct Answer: (NHTSA)  red light running

Question 8. How far ahead should you look when you drive in city traffic?
Correct Answer: About one block

Question 9. Which section of the California Vehicle Code governs windshield wipers?
Correct Answer: 26706

Question 10. The section Traffic Signs, Signals and Controls discusses ____ categories of road signs.
Correct Answer: 4

Question 11. If intervention is not working, instead of driving with the impaired driver, you should______.
Correct: call a cab

Question 12. The complex, integrated system made up of roadways, vehicles, and drivers is called the __________.
Correct: Highway Transportation System

Question 13. If you have to drive on a long trip, wearing your seatbelt prevents your _______ from tiring so quickly.
Correct: muscles

Question 14. When traveling on rural roadways at higher speeds, remember you will______.
Correct: need a longer stopping distance

Question 15. If you can see an emergency vehicle with flashing lights ahead, ______.
Correct: do not follow too closely

Question 16. Safety belts are designed _______.
Correct: with an emergency locking mechanism

Question 17. Driving decisions depend on learned information, realistic perceptions and _____.
Correct: sound judgments

Question 18. Fatality related to motor vehicle traffic is the number one cause of accidental death and motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death for people ages _____.
Correct: 3 to 33

Question 19. Stay on the right side of your lane when __________.
Correct: you are going through a curve

Question 20. Begin to assess your risk related to the three main elements of driving before getting behind the wheel; evaluate your own well-being, ___________, and your vehicle.
Correct: roadway conditions

Question 21. Traffic laws are in place to ________.
Correct: regulate the flow of traffic

Question 22. Never ________ on or near a railroad track.
Correct: stop

Question 23. Aggressive driving can be defined as operating a vehicle in a manner that is likely to________.
Correct: endanger someone

Question 24. If you are alone in heavy expressway traffic at rush hour, use the _______ to avoid vehicles constantly entering and exiting in your path.
Correct: center lane

Question 25. The best way to control events that occur outside of your vehicle is to_____.
Correct: plan your route

Question 26. An accident prevention rule to follow includes being extra cautious in dangerous driving locations such as, bottlenecks, broken traffic signals and ____.
Correct Answer: intersections

Question 27. One in every ____ drivers on the road at any given time who are DUI is actually arrested.
Correct Answer: 2,000

Question 28. The danger associated with the abuse of a vehicle is compared to the danger of what?
Correct Answer: a loaded gun

Question 29. If you park alongside a curb with your car facing downhill, you should set the parking brake and ____.
Correct Answer: turn the wheels into the curb

Question 30. The maximum speed limit at a blind intersection is ____.
Correct Answer: 15 MPH

Question 31. Cars traveling at 35 mph need approximately ____ feet to stop.
Correct Answer: 106

Question 32. A blowout in the right front tire will cause the vehicle to ____.
Correct Answer: pull to the right

Question 33.  Two or more drugs taken at the same time may cause a reaction called ____.
Correct Answer: synergism

Question 34. You see a flashing yellow traffic signal at an upcoming intersection. The flashing yellow light means:
Correct Answer: Slow down and cross the intersection carefully.

Question 35. To avoid accidents, a defensive driver should ____.
Correct Answer: stay alert and look for trouble spots developing around him/her

Question 36. A Class C license allows its bearer to drive ____.
Correct Answer: an automobile

Question 37. All new residents within the State of California must have a valid California driver's license within ____.
Correct Answer: 10 calendar days

Question 38. If you have an accident with either bodily injury, death or more than $750.00 in damages, you must ____.
Correct Answer: complete a written report (SR1) to the DMV

Question 39. An insurance policy with bodily injury coverage covers ____.
Correct Answer: the injury to or death of each person as a result of any one accident

Question 40. You must file a traffic accident report (SR1) with the DMV after an accident when damage to one of the vehicles is over $750.00 ____.
Correct Answer: regardless of who is at fault.

Question 41. When you decide to execute a maneuver, you will need a control zone of approximately__________seconds.
Correct: 12 to 15

Question 42. _________is one of the factors associated with fatal crashes.
Correct: All of these answers are correct.

Question 43. If you are a passenger and have your seat reclined with your safety belt on, in the event of a crash, ______.
Correct: your body could slide forward, increasing the chance of injury

Question 44. While you are passing on a two-lane road, _________.
Correct: identify a safe space to return

Question 45. If you pack your vehicle full, you should_______.
Correct: reference your owner's manual for maximum load weight

Question 46. Do not exceed the speed limit or drive slower than the_______.
Correct: minimum speed limit

Question 47. If you see brake lights in a traffic jam ahead, __________to warn them they will have to slow down soon by slightly tapping on your brakes.
Correct: signal to drivers behind

Question 48. Cruise control should not be used__________.
Correct: in the rain

Question 49. If you see farm equipment ahead traveling the same road as you,_______.
Correct: exercise patience

Question 50. If you park off the shoulder after a breakdown, ________.
Correct: be mindful of tall dry grass

California Traffic School Final Exam Answers 6 | California Traffic School Test Answers 6

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